5 Mysteries Of Your Destiny

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DAY FIVE: The Mystery of Freedom in the Glory

We often think about the glory of God as an experience, but it is much more than that. The glory is the evidence of the King, it is the up-close presence of God, it is the full weight of His kingdom, and it is the brilliance of His majesty. We can learn to fight and overcome in the glory dimension. This is a key prophetic truth for intercessors and warriors. It is the mystery of freedom in the glory. The presence of the glory of God is the evidence that the King is in the room. If the King is present, then freedom is present.

Ezekiel was taken into the throne room. He saw the four living creatures, the brilliance of God, and the fire of His presence. The glory caused Ezekiel to fall on his face. The weight of God’s presence brought Ezekiel low. This is the typical response to the glory of God.

When heavy glory shows up, the ways of man must bow low. Fleshly concerns bow before the glory. When the glory of God shows up, demonic systems are crushed! When the glory of God shows up, the awe of God is present.

This devotional is excerpted from The Jochebed Anointing: Unlock the 15 Mysteries of Your Destiny by Ryan LeStrange.