5 Mysteries Of Your Destiny

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DAY TWO: The Mystery of Protection

After three months Jochebed could no longer hide her baby. God had protected their entire family, but now they needed another miracle. What was God’s answer? He directed her to put her baby into a river commonly associated with Egyptian idol worship.

Imagine the faith that it would take to put your newborn into a river. Not just any river, but one where pagans worshipped false gods and performed demonic rituals. It would take unfathomable obedience and supernatural courage to do what she was about to do.

But God had a plan! Even when Jochebed had to release the seed, God’s protection was there. Had she done according to her own thinking or wisdom, she would have missed it, but she was daring. She heard God and obeyed.

When the mystery of protection is unraveled in your life, other people won’t understand your actions. They don’t have to. You are accountable for hearing and doing the word of the Lord. The word of the Lord releases His protection.