5 Mysteries Of Your Destiny

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DAY ONE: The Mystery of Weakness

Why would God limit Himself by choosing to operate through simple and often weak human beings? He can use anybody or anything, yet He chooses to work in the earth through people.

The toughest struggle in fulfilling our God-ordained destiny is dealing with our own human weaknesses and flaws.

Moses experienced the same thing. God called him to speak on His behalf. But Moses had a speech impediment. Most theologians believe that this problem was some type of stutter. When he argued with God about his condition, the Lord appointed Aaron to go with him.

God already has answers and solutions for your mandate. This is part of His mystery. God already knows who and what it will take to accomplish what He has assigned to you. He is just waiting on your yes so He can send everything you need. He is trying to stretch your faith beyond your perceived ability. He is trying to take you into deeper levels of surrender.