5 Mysteries Of Your Destiny

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DAY THREE: The Mystery of Favor

This Scripture passage reveals two dimensions of favor that each of us needs to fulfill our mandate in the earth. Favor with God and favor with man. Favor with God causes the attention of the Lord to be turned toward you. When you have heaven’s attention, you have its promotion and economy.

Favor is God’s primary instrument of promotion. Anytime promotion comes to your life, favor will be the catalyst. Many people do not understand this mystery. Favor can cause one person to arise while another person remains where they are. Favor can cause a door to open, which a person is not at all qualified for in the natural.

At the center of my relationship must be the truth that God is good, and His desire is to bless me! This frames my decisions and mindset. This truth empowers me to rest as a son knowing that Father has it mapped out. The vivid light of this truth empowers me to conquer fear and rise in faith. It empowers my heart to soar on the winds of dreaming and believing. It allows my mind to be at peace, knowing God’s plans and abilities are far higher than mine.