5 Mysteries Of Your Destiny

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DAY FOUR: The Mystery of Timing

A submitted life is one that waits patiently on the Lord. This is one of the most remarkable acts of trust and obedience, just to sit when your mind is ready to launch forward and your spirit is filled with revelation. There is a simplicity and a depth in the waiting.

As you press into the glory of God to pursue His plans for your life, family, and purpose in the earth, you must accurately discern the time. No purpose is created without the assignment of moments and seasons. There are moments to wait, to observe, to launch, and to build.

God has already mapped out the beginning and the end. He has a plan for both the highs and the lows. You may not feel or be aware of it, but if you have surrendered your life to Him, He is working even now. His plans are alive and active even in the moments when the waiting becomes difficult. He makes all things beautiful in His timing. In the waiting there are deep and meaningful lessons to learn, giants to confront, and mantles to catch.