Our work can be an idol

In the story of the Tower of Babel, we can see a further working out of the curse of working. Human beings have gathered together to build a city and a tower. They work very effectively and build a tower reaching for the heavens.

However, what should have been a celebration of good work is marred by their motivations. They want to “make a name” for themselves. Before we are too quick to condemn, how much of our work is done to make a name for ourselves? Even done in the name of God?

Verse 5 is poignant: “But the Lord came down”. What would God see if he came down to see our work?

It is clear from this story that God looks not just at the sort of work we do, but the heart with which we do it.

What is the motivation for your working: to make a name for yourself, or to seek to honour God?