Our working is cursed

The delightful unity of working in the garden quickly changes as evil enters the garden. The serpent tempts the woman, who hands the forbidden fruit to the man and all three blame each other and are cursed.

This is where our cultural and spiritual understanding of work usually begins … not with the good of work, but with the idea that work is a curse.

However, a careful reading reveals that work itself is not cursed, but the process of working. It is going to be harder (“by the sweat of your brow”) and less productive (“it will produce thorns and thistles for you”).

We all recognise this as the reality of much of our working, which can be more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be. However, we must remember that work is still a good gift from God.

What are some of the current frustrations and difficulties of your work which you can share with God?