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In the middle

Don’t you hate "the middle"? The middle between ordering and eating. The waiting for someone else to get ready. The in-between of giving and receiving.

Moses was one man who had a big "middle season." Moses had a chance to help his Hebrew people, who were enslaved in Egypt, because he was adopted into Pharaoh's family.

But that vision seemed to die when he killed an Egyptian task-master and fled the country as a fugitive. 

Moses spent the next 40 years on the backside of the desert watching sheep. The hope he once had would seem to be gone. 

Then one particular day, God was about to invade the "middle" with Moses.

“Where you are standing is holy ground.” There was nothing special about the desert Moses was in. A bush that he had probably seen many times before was on fire. And there was God. An ordinary place became holy ground! A regular "middle" moment became the catalyst for change.

Why didn’t this happen in a temple? At home? On a mountain top? Because it reveals there is no place and no moment that is without God’s presence! 

See, one name for God taught in Hebrew culture is “The Place.” God is here, there, and actually everywhere. 

So it doesn’t matter where you are, HE is there! It doesn’t matter WHO you are or WHAT is taking place. HE IS THERE. 

Any bush in the desert could be an encounter with God and any middle moment you’re in could be the time God invades your life, answers your prayer, and provides a breakthrough! 

But Moses COULD have missed this. He could have kept walking past. Instead, he turned aside in his "middle season" and experienced God’s presence. 

Let me tell you, there is no moment absent of God’s presence in your life. His silence does not equate to His absence. If you’re still breathing, God’s not done with you! 

The harvest comes because of Him, He is there in the waiting, and He was there with you before sowing.

Take time from the middle to turn aside and seek Him. In preparation to receive, go hear from God. 

Because the more you know Him, the easier He is to trust during any season.

For reflection:

  1. What are you in "the middle" of? What breakthrough are you waiting for?

  2. What do you do, or could you do, to turn aside and seek God at this time?

  3. To see a harvest, there is waiting and there is sowing. Have you decided to sow greatly yet? Are you expecting to receive greatly? Are you prepared for the middle?