MORE – Generosity And Faith In Your Finances


Funding a big vision

Whenever a church enters a season of growth and expansion, we see an excitement of people encountering God in amazing ways—the flow of salvations, healings and an awesome expectation that God is doing something great. There is always a need for finances to fund vision and an expectation that God will provide the provision. The exciting part is that God uses people just like you and me! 

Why doesn’t He just drop the cash from heaven? It appears that He wants people to experience faith and the joy of giving. The great promise we have is that He is the one who provides seed for giving and bread for eating. 

Giving in faith is different from giving out of emotions. When the vision is presented and the needs are quantified with great media and moving preaching, it is easy to feel compelled emotionally. Can I encourage you? Seek to hear from God and what He wants you to give. A word from God allows you to give confidently! It gives you a platform of faith to pray and build from. 

The Bible encourages us that faith comes from hearing: this is a word from God (rhema), not just a word from the Bible (logos). As you speak out the promise, and I would love to encourage you to speak it out loud, you hear your words and it stirs faith in your heart. It is a prophetic word, not only to the realm of the spirit, but to you.

Write out the promise you have, keep it before your eyes, put it on the fridge, put it on the sun visor of your car—wherever you will see it every day. Build faith for your promise and allow the promises of God become a reality for you. God promises exceedingly abundantly MORE than you can ask or think!

Be the person that God uses to bring provision to the vision. Expect God to blow your expectations away. Always remember that God loves a cheerful giver! You are loved.

For reflection:

Take the time to ask God what He wants you to give. Write it down and pray expecting God to answer your prayer.