MORE – Generosity And Faith In Your Finances


Take a God risk

I once read a study produced by the University of Michigan that shed some light on a human fear. They had volunteers wear caps containing electrodes and had the people play a computer-simulated betting game while researchers analysed their brains’ electrical activity in response to winning and losing. 

The game allowed subjects to place a small bet, and with each bet, their brains showed increased activity within milliseconds. But something that really stood out was that negativity showed a larger dip after a loss than the rise in positivity after a win. In fact, during a string of losses, negativity dipped lower with each loss—it compounded by each previous loss. Researchers came to a simple yet profound conclusion: losses loom larger than gains. In other words, the fear of loss is greater than the hope of gain.

This could explain why so many people live their lives defensively. Past losses and fear of loss keep us bound in the present and the future!

Sadly, a lot of Christians are very hesitant when it comes to faith living. We allow our fears from the past and our fear of present or future lack dictate nearly all of our faith decisions. 

We’re so afraid of making the wrong decision, or maybe “putting too much faith in God,” that sometimes we make NO decision. Often, it’s indecision that keep people stuck in their life and in their faith.

Rather than living on the defense, we need to switch to living on the offense, and that is what living by faith is. Faith is not defensive, an insurance plan, a backup or a crutch. Tithing and generosity, prayer, fasting, worship and community is offensive living. It's faith-filled and faithful living!

We need to be more afraid of missing God opportunities and God potential than in making mistakes.

In 1 Samuel 14, verse 6 we see Jonathan’s mindset going into a huge ‘risk’ with an offensive, faith-filled mindset: “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord”. Jonathan’s faith was not defensive or hesitant. He didn’t let fear stop him from pursuing adventurous possibilities and potential wins with God.

Because more often than not, the will of God will involve a daring decision that appears ‘risky’.

I remember when I was younger, hearing this thought: “When you live by faith, the best you can do is no longer the best you can do, it’s now the best God can do through you!”

In this season of generosity, trust that God has more for you than you have for you. Faith steps seem risky but it’s never a risk to trust God!

For reflection:

  1. What areas are you defensive or fearful about in your life and faith?

  2. What does offensive generosity look like to you?

  3. What steps can you take towards that?