MORE – Generosity And Faith In Your Finances


Keep first things first

From an early age we are encouraged,“C’mon, you can do it!” and “You’re doing so well!” can be heard as a little one takes their first steps. While at school, we’re often persuaded to “be the best that you can be,” or “try harder.”

When it comes time to join the workforce and be paid for our time and talents, we are urged to save our hard-earned money, or at least to spend it wisely. It doesn’t matter what type of job we have, or what our income stream is: We should be encouraged to give a portion of our income to God. If we are cheerful givers, the Scriptures tell us that “God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything”. 

Be encouraged to have faith for finances and learn to trust God with your financial decisions. 

For reflection:

  1. Do you have someone in your life encouraging you to trust God with your finances?

  2. Are you that person for others?