Hollywood Prayer Network On Your Mission Field

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"I do not know anything that would wake up Chicago better than for every man and woman here who loves Him to begin to talk about Him to their friends, and just to tell them what He has done for you. You have got a circle of friends. Go and tell them of Him." D.L. Moody

PRAY: Oh Jesus, we often want to go out and change the world and yet You want us to start with our own lives. I may want to see the people in my workplace become Christians, but am I loving the people in my own home? Have I shared my faith with my own family members or extended family? Have I told them how much You have done for me and how You have had so much mercy on me in my life? Help me to start small and be in right standing with my own family. Let me be bold to tell them what You've done in me and through me and with me! I don't need to change them or make them believe, but I do need to not put my light under a bushel. Help me to be transparent with my own family, Jesus, for my home is truly my most important mission field

REFLECT: Have you thought about how God has very specifically put you in your family. As messed up or dysfunctional as your family is, God put you there for a reason. Maybe it's to pray for them, or to be Jesus to all of them, even if it's really hard! Jesus wants us to love Him, then ourselves, then our family, and then our friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers. But let's start with our family members. Sometimes that's the hardest mission field of all! Who do you need to pray for in your family? Is there anyone with whom you need to mend the relationship, or tell them how much and you and Jesus love them? Reflect on how to more proactively reach out to your family members with the unconditional love of Jesus.

ACT: Choose one family or extended family member and start praying for them, asking the Lord to show you how to share your faith with them, how to love them, support them and even sacrifice for them.  After you feel you have broken through in that relationship then choose someone else, until you can say that you have been truthful about your faith, as well as loving, supportive, and brave with every member of your family.