Hollywood Prayer Network On Your Mission Field

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"It is the duty of every Christian to be Christ to his neighbor." Martin Luther

PRAY:  Lord in Heaven, sometimes I feel like You have put me in exile. Work is hard, I have many obstacles and finances are sometimes a challenge. But You have sent me to this town, to this house, in this neighborhood, and to my job for a specific reason. I want to see this place as my mission field. I want to build a house, plant a garden, put down roots, and call this my home. I want to raise children and have them get married and raise their own children. I want to know that You want me here to grow deep friendships, to share my faith, and to seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which You have carried me! I am praying to you, Lord, for my community, because if it prospers, I too will prosper. Thank You for that promise! Amen

REFLECT:  Reflect on the fact that God tells us to put down roots where we are - even if we feel that we're in exile. We can't have an impact on people if we don't settle in and get to know them, build relationships, plant seeds and watch them grow. How are you settling into your community? Are planting gardens, having a family and calling this place home? And most importantly, are you praying for the peace and prosperity of the city to which God has brought you? Are you blessing the land and the people and not cursing it? Do you love the people in your mission field? Do you believe that God brought you here for a purpose?

ACT: Make a mental check list in your mind with the following questions:  •  Do you consider where you live right now HOME? •  Are you building deep relationships in your neighborhood and workplace?  •  Are you praying for the peace and prosperity of the city in which you're living? If any of these answers is NO, then you need to make a new plan for your life.  Seek counsel to find out how you can love the place where you are planted and the people in your mission field.  Pray for the Lord to change your heart and then take active steps to plant roots, build relationships, and pray blessings over the people in your world, right where you are.