Hollywood Prayer Network On Your Mission Field

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“Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.” Charles Spurgeon

PRAY:  Lord, there are places that just don't seem right for us to go to, as Christians. And yet You call us to reach everyone across the globe. Please change my heart about what cities I don't like and help me embrace anything that You have for me. I pray for the people who don't like Hollywood and who don't want to have to go there. Yet when You told Jonah to go to Nineveh, he finally obeyed You and the whole city was saved in the greatest revival in the history of the world! Please let us love people everywhere, even though we may not agree with their lifestyle or personal choices. Let us love the people in Hollywood and pray for them to come to know you. Stop us from running from what You have for us and let us pray for the people in Hollywood and any other place we don't like or don't agree with. I want to embrace people everywhere I go as a mission field and every person as someone worthy to know You!

REFLECT:  Are you one who doesn't like Hollywood? If not, do you know people like that? Would you think about the duplicity in sending missionaries around the world to all kinds of scary people groups, like cannibals, terrorists, etc. and yet not want to reach out to the people in Hollywood? Ponder how much God loves every single person on the planet and He wants each one to know Him and love Him. He cared about the people in Nineveh and He cares about the people in Hollywood! Can you believe that? 

ACT:  What cities, people groups, or areas do you not like? What places do you not want to live in? Would you pray right now for God's blessings on those people and those cities? Ask the Lord to help you to embrace the people in Hollywood or any other place you don't like. God's first commandment is to love Him and love other people. Would you pray to love the people in Hollywood? They need your love and your prayers. We should be praying for people groups in mission fields all over the world and Hollywood is the world's most influential mission field.