6 Biblical Traits Of A Godly Dad


Day 3 The godly dad understands biblical purity.

How does a godly dad remain pure? Let’s discuss four ways the godly dad understands biblical purity.  

A godly dad DRINKS God’s word. 

A godly dad GUARDS his heart, thoughts and eyes. 

A godly dad CHASES righteousness. 

A godly dad ABIDES in Christ. 

A godly dad DRINKS God’s word. 

Centuries ago, it was normal for a man to sit down with his children to study, memorize and discuss how to live out the Scriptures. Moses reminded the Israelites to “impress [God’s commands] on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deut. 6:7). 

In the days of Jesus and before, it was an obligation and privilege for men to disciple their children. Imagine how our families, churches and society would be different if it was normal for young children to already know God’s Word by their 13th birthday. Revival in our land will occur as godly dads like you disciple the young children entrusted to them. 

A godly dad GUARDS his heart, thoughts and eyes. 

Genesis 1:27-28 says “A godly man guards his heart, thoughts, and eyes.” 

In Scripture, the heart and our thoughts (or mind) are closely connected. As we walk on God’s path (see vv. 12, 14, 18) there are many, many things—foolish things, dirty things, wicked things—that can distract us. We need to keep our focus on God and his ways. Psalm 119:37 says, “Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to your word.” 

This covenant starts in our HEARTS—to choose to live as men of integrity and purity. Then we can focus our MINDS on God and his ways.

A godly dad CHASES righteousness. 

What are you chasing after in life? Your list might include a paycheck, a promotion, a secure retirement, a great marriage, a healthy family or some item on your bucket list. Now try to prioritize the top 5 or 10 things on your list in order of how much you think about them, spend time and money on them, and sacrifice other things for them. 

Do those things you prioritized match up with your ideal of being a godly dad? In the grand scheme, do they matter? 

We can live like the world does and pursue the kinds of things the world pursues, or we can be godly men and pursue what God wants us to pursue. 

Don’t pursue/flee (What the world pursues)

  • Money

  • Riches 

Pursue (What a godly dad pursues)

  • Righteousness 

  • Godliness 

  • Faith 

  • Love 

  • Endurance 

  • Gentleness 

Throughout the Bible we can find passages like these that show us how we should live a godly, holy life rather than a worldly, impure life. When we choose to pursue righteousness rather than worldliness, people in the world will notice the difference in us. 

A godly dad ABIDES in Christ. 

Your main job is to abide in Jesus so you can receive all he wants to give to you (John 10:10 ). If you RECEIVE, you will automatically OVERFLOW. But you can’t overflow if you are not receiving. If you stay connected to the Vine, you’ll bear fruit. But apart from Jesus you can do nothing. 

To be a difference maker in the culture, you must be different from the culture. To remain clean, we must remain (abide) in Christ. When we stay connected to him he makes us holy.