21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 8: We Acknowledge God’s Goodness 

He’s good, and He has done great things for His people. Every good thing He does is fueled by His love. The writer of Psalm 136 says repeatedly this statement “His love endures forever”. Forever means for all of eternity, every minute of every hour of every day. 

This line at the beginning of multiple chapters in Psalm is the most famous call to thank God for His goodness, but it’s a very common theme in the Old Testament. When David appoints Asaph over the musicians at the tabernacle, they thank God for His goodness and everlasting lovingkindness. As believers, we are called to celebrate the good things in our lives. Cultivating a heart of gratitude allows us to shift our selfish thinking to God-centered grateful hearts. 

REFLECT: His love endures forever, through all things for all of time. His love covers my sin. His love fills in my gaps. His love grows in me. His love provides for me. His love lavishes good gifts on me. What has happened recently in my life that feels like a good gift? Where in my life can I say God is good? 

RESPOND: Take a minute and write out in your Gratitude Journal or notebook the specific times where you’ve seen God’s goodness in your life. Offer those as a prayer to Him fueled by gratitude, and above all else, thank Him for His love that motivates His goodness towards His children.