21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 7: Celebrate You!

That’s right, today we are going to celebrate YOU! Way to go!! You did it!! You’ve successfully completed the first week of your 21 Days to Cultivate a Grateful Heart challenge. 

You were created perfectly for His perfect plan. Many times, we can see and call out everything we aren’t with ease and struggle to see the good things. The good things in us are the God things in us. 

We are learning the practice of celebrating people and things around us. Central to all of that, is us. God created us, perfectly, in His image and we are going to celebrate His creation. If you can, turn your heart toward gratitude for yourself and your uniqueness- physically, spiritually, emotionally. The whole package is perfect in His eyes and we get to practice living like we believe that today. 

REFLECT: If you are God’s workmanship, it’s only fitting to celebrate His work. Think about the things you love about yourself and the things that drive you crazy. Can you see God in both your strengths and weaknesses? The things that are our strengths are easy to celebrate and it's a bigger stretch to celebrate our weaknesses. Both are a part of Gods great design!

RESPOND: Today you are going to sit in front of the mirror as you get ready or in the car and take a good look at yourself. For the next few minutes I want you to thank God for the specific things that make you, you.