21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 10: We Thank Him in All Circumstances 

The flight delays. The sick kid. The front row parking spot at the grocery store when you’re in a hurry. The donuts at the office on the day you didn’t have time to grab breakfast. The message at church that spoke directly to your need. The person who called and invited you to lunch. The unexpected extra 10 minutes in the car all by yourself. The song that came on the radio as you were driving frantically to your doctor’s appointment. 

These are just a short list to summarize the long list of circumstances we encounter in any given day. God’s Word is clear and makes no mistakes. He says to give thanks in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Last time I checked, all means ALL. 

We get to ask God for His eyes to see our circumstances and thank Him in all of them. Regardless of how we feel about our circumstances or the impact those circumstances are making on our lives, we get to thank Him for them. We have no idea how these circumstances are shaping us, protecting us and pointing us to Him. 

REFLECT: Is there anything that’s keeping you from giving thanks in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES? Can you share that with Him? Start thanking Him for the very thing that’s keeping you from thanking Him? It sounds silly, but if I’m upset with someone for something they did, it’s really hard for me to see the good they’re doing. Let’s take a minute and make a choice to rectify that. 

RESPOND: Write out a few “good” circumstances in your life right now and a few “not so good” circumstances in your life. Offer those up in a prayer of thanks to the Father as well as thanking Him for His word that points us to Him in all things.