21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 11: We Remember God’s Faithfulness in the Hard Things 

In Psalm 118, the psalmist calls all the people to give thanks to the Lord, then launches into a testimony of how God delivered him (or her) from every disaster. It’s easy to look at the hard things in our life and assume we are all alone. 

There are countless stories in the Bible of men and women whose trials could make them feel like they were completely alone and abandoned by their God. The truth is He’s right there beside us through the good times and hard times. His Word says He will never leave us or forsake us. The word never means NEVER. Not even for a moment are we alone. 

God is faithful to use the difficult things we walk through in life to teach us about His nature, lead us to His truth and protect us from the enemy. 

That college rejection letter shifted where you went to school and the friends you made. The hard meeting you had with your boss pushed you to press into an area of weakness. The argument with your spouse opened up doors for you to talk through things you’ve been needing to talk about for a long time. The loved one in the hospital created an opportunity for reconciliation between family members in the waiting room. 

We face opportunities to remember God’s faithfulness in the hard things every day. As we shift our focus from what’s not, we can better see what is. He is there, in the middle of the hard thing you’re walking through right now. You just have to be looking for Him. And when you see Him, shift your focus. 

REFLECT: What’s the hard thing you’re walking in right now? Is it work, your marriage, your kids, your church? What are you learning or experiencing in this hard moment that you’ve never noticed or walked through before? 

RESPOND: In your journal or notebook write out the hard things in your life right now that you are choosing to be thankful for. Also, if God has shown Himself in the middle of the hard thing, write down what you’ve learned or how you’ve seen Him show up on your behalf. 

Spend a few minutes in prayer thanking Him for the hard things and choosing to trust Him in the middle of it all.