21 Days To Cultivate A Grateful Heart


Day 9: We Choose to Find Him in the Ordinary 

God is in the big moments of our lives like the birth of our children, and He’s in the little moments like the thank you card you weren’t expecting in the mail. We have a choice to rush through our days or find Him in the ordinary moments of life. The praiseworthy moments happen every day and we can blow right past them in the busyness of life and frustrations that happen throughout our day. Our natural tendency is self-centeredness and can cause us to look to the next thing or what others are doing instead of acknowledging His goodness right in front of us. 

God’s Word says we will recount all of His wonderful deeds. I’m here to tell you, a coffee date with a friend is just as wonderful as receiving a prestigious award in the work place. Movie nights at home with your family are just as praise-worthy as tickets to the coolest concert or sporting event of the year. 

REFLECT: If you’re reading this in the morning, recount your day yesterday. If you’re reading this at the end of your day, think through the events of your day. Write them down. All that you can remember. 

All of the events on your list in and of themselves seem pretty ordinary. But the fact that we have a bed to make, clothes to wear, food in the pantry to fix when we’re hungry, a computer and the freedom to work from wherever you work, people in your life that you can talk to and spend time with, these are just a few of the ordinary, everyday things we get to be thankful for. 

RESPOND: After you’ve written out your events from the day, big and small, take a minute and thank God for each of them. His provision and presence in each and every one of them. Even if you can’t see Him, I promise you He’s there, in the middle of all of the ordinary moments of your ordinary days. Thank Him for showing up. Start watching for the ways He can show off as He becomes more visible in the everyday, ordinary moments.