Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“God is trying to anchor you in His love.”

–Chad Veach, Passion 2019

Even if we can’t see it or feel it, God is working in our lives for our good and His glory. In fact, He is up to something in your life specifically. God knew that because of our sin, we had no chance of ever being anchored in Him. So, while we were still sinners, He sent His Son Jesus as a mediator, crossing the distance between us and holiness, making away for us to return back to God and experience true freedom and love. 

The cross is our lasting reminder that the promise of God is secure. We can run to Him, trusting that He is steadfast in His ways and in His words. We know that He has gone before us, that He understands any and all of our circumstances, and that He is more powerful than anything that may come against us today. In a world that is uncertain and conditional with its affection, He is our anchor and a Father whose love never wavers.