Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“If you got up this morning… wondering if your life matters, hear the words of Jesus, that you’re the light of the World. The Maker of the Universe has decided, He’s decided this, to put His reputation on the line in the World today on whether or not His children manifest His love and goodness in the World.”       

-Gary Haugen, Passion 2019

It’s easy to move through our days on autopilot; to wake up, go to class, go to work, meet some friends, have some dinner, watch some tv, and go to bed without having really had to put in all that much effort. But what does it say to ourselves, about ourselves, when we treat our time as if it is worth less than it is? 

At Passion 2019, Gary Haugen reminded us of the intrinsic value and weight of our days. God Himself made us to be His sons and daughters, and as such, carriers of His light and love to a world that is longing for it. If we trust the Scriptures when they say that we are the light of the world, then we have to arm ourselves with that truth in order to combat the lie that any of our lives are worthless. In fact, no matter what our current circumstances may look like, God had placed His Spirit within us so that we can be ambassadors of His love to the world. 

This year, you may find yourself in situations where you feel as though you are worth less than God says you really are. You may fall into the trap of comparison, of envy, or of overwhelming depression and anxiety; but in those times remember what God has said about you. Your life is a light not meant to be hidden, but to shine before all men so that they may see and know Him. Your life, in fact, is of infinite value, and Jesus loves you as such.