Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“Everything I need is in His Presence.”

-Chad Veach, Passion 2019 

Today, the invitation for each of us is to “come.” Come and see what God has done. With everything that we have and hold, we come before the One who made us and loves us. We want to be close to Him because we believe that everything we need can be found in His presence. But how do we do this? In the Scriptures, we see numerous men and women who had a genuine and deep relationship with God. And yet, when we try, it’s often harder than we expected. Things get in the way, and circumstances can distract us. So what can be done? 

Devotion is not a one-time decision. Seeking God is a daily practice. There is never a moment too big or small for God. As Jesus taught His disciples, seeking God requires two intentional actions: denying ourselves and taking up our crosses. We come to God in humility and confidence, knowing that God is our only source for everything we need and that He is faithful to answer and meet us. We lay down our pride in and reliance on our own abilities, and trust God’s perfect strength and perfect ways. When we get into this rhythm of reliance, we truly begin to thirst for and crave our time with God.