Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“[Our job is to] take our little light into the darkness so that God can gather it up and build a bonfire!  This is what God does, he builds bonfires from just little teeny lights!” 

-Gary Haugen, Passion 2019

Around Passion, we like to say “individually you can make a difference, but together WE are a force for good.”

We all know what “WE” feels like.  From playing  a team sport, to performing in a musical, to road-tripping with friends. God made us for “WE.” It’s true that we are all unique individuals, hand-crafted by a perfect Creator and no two people are alike. This was God’s plan. However, none of us were created to fly solo. He created us to be a part of a “WE.”

What a beautiful picture of the Church! This is the Church!  A collection of unique, beautiful, hand-crafted people on a common mission — to know God and make him known.  The church isn’t a building, it’s a people.  So we celebrate our differences, avoid sameness, and embrace unity. Scripture calls us the body of Christ, designed uniquely and indispensable to each other (1 Corinthians 12).

Let's be honest, many of us have had some bad “WE” moments. Like that last group project that you were assigned and no one did their part!  Or maybe it was when your parents decided to split up and the “WE" that was your family became fractured.  Or for some of us, it might have been a bad church experience that left us feeling sideways.

But, here is what is true!  God designed you to be a part of a “WE.”  And there is no greater WE than that of the local church.  So, let’s keep showing up and keep leaning into God’s plan.  Imagine how our campuses and cities could be transformed if all of the Jesus followers decided to come together and carry the name of Jesus together!  Each one of us bringing our gifts, passions, and desires to make much of Jesus. He might just build a bonfire!