Passion 2019 Reading Plan


"The God of Heaven does not despise your investigation because He knows at the bottom of all your questions, He is eternally God.” 

–Louie Giglio, Passion 2019

Maybe you find yourself with doubt creeping slowly into your thoughts. Questions and confusion are filling in the gaps that truth wants to permeate. Is He who He says is? Things seemed to make sense just a few weeks ago, but now you simply don’t know.

Questions are never a bad thing if asked with an honest and open heart. We just can’t be content to keep them to ourselves, letting doubt slowly fester and erode our faith. God desires us to get down to the bedrock of who He is to discover that He is a solid foundation.  

God is eternal and His place on His throne is secure today. Jesus is positioned at the right hand of the Father and sees you directly where you are, questions and all. Our questions aren't going to shake God off His throne, they will simply expose our humanity and His divinity. His power, position and authority are not only secure today, they are an eternal promise!  

Be confident that God does not despise your investigation, He welcomes it. He invites us to seek and search Him in order to know Him deeply.