Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“God sees you right where you are.” 

-Louie Giglio, Passion 2019

God wants you to know that you are SEEN.

Let that wash over you.

You are seen, valued, loved, significant, chosen, invited, forgiven. You have been given a seat at the table with the King of Kings as His own child. That is the stunning, audacious, beautiful reality of the grace of Jesus. He has changed our lives. Forever. But when God changes our lives and moves us from DEATH to LIFE He also begins to move THROUGH us, using our lives as vehicles to impact the world for His name and for His glorious purposes. 

The Gospel propels us forward! Not only does God SEE you, He is SENDING you. We gathered at Passion 2019 and our hearts were fed -- that was just the beginning!. Each of us like blazing arrows shot into our own specific place in the world, shining brightly as light-bearers of Jesus.

Look around you right now. You might be the only Jesus-person in the space you’re filling this very moment. You don’t have to claim to know everything and have all the answers, but at the bedrock of your faith is confidence that Jesus is real, He has brought life to a dead world and He will never fail. As a Jesus-follower you have an assignment and have been sent in His power and for His purposes.

Today, wherever you are, whatever circumstance, whether you’re in a classroom or an office or anywhere in between -- know that God sees you and has assigned you for this moment. Lean in to Him. Ask Him how He might want to use your life today to reach another, to be a beacon of hope for someone hurting. Ask Him to use your life to be a megaphone for the gospel of Jesus that has forever transformed your life.

Let’s move forward with God, living lives worthy of the Gospel we have received -- anywhere, at any cost, anytime for the fame and glory of Jesus.