Passion 2019 Reading Plan


“To be 99% known, is to be unknown…”

-Matt Chandler, Passion 2019

Our enemy, the perpetrator of fear, wants us to believe that hiding is better than being seen and known. So much of our energy is spent trying to conceal the broken places in our lives that grace wants to reveal and redeem. It’s easy to believe the lie that if people really knew the truth about us – all the dark corners of our lives we try so desperately to cover up – we would render ourselves completely unlovable. We even try to hide from God. But all the filters, partial truths, and façades only serve to further enslave us and keep us bound to the very sin that Jesus came to free us from.  

God wants all of you: not just the good version of you, not just the “presentable” version of you. No, He wants the real you. He is interested in the whole of who you are. In reality, we can’t hide anything from God anyway. He is already aware of our deepest wounds and darkest secrets. And yet, the astounding, mind-blowing, unthinkable, radical truth of the Gospel is this: He saw our worst and He sent us His best. Jesus is our way out of hiding. He’s the forgiveness we want and the healing we need. Today, let’s not linger any longer in the place of shame and regret. Bring your brokenness to the feet of Jesus. Step into the freedom of being fully known, fully seen, and fully loved by Him.