The New Testament On Purpose

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


Most of the time, once I complete a game I love, I go back and start playing again from the beginning. 

The second time through the game is a completely different experience. I notice things I didn’t notice before. I take different risks. I choose different options. My whole attitude about playing changes.

Why? Because I’ve already won.

When you know how the story ends, you play with a confidence that is hard to describe. It’s like you’re safe no matter what happens because you know you will win. This shift allows you to take risks you otherwise wouldn’t have the first time around.

This is the kind of life God wants us to live. He wants us to live from the knowledge that we have already won! 

God’s ultimate purpose has already been accomplished. Jesus “sealed the deal” if you will. 

He is both the finale and the introduction. He is the lamb Who was slain and the King Who has conquered. And we are His. 

When we live, we do so out of victory. Out of the abundance of God’s success, not from the desperation of not knowing. 

When we pursue our purpose, we play from our winnings and that changes everything.