The New Testament On Purpose

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When this verse talks about the “unchanging nature” of God’s purpose, what it’s really talking about is the word consistency.

Consistency is the attribute of “not varying…over time.” Things that are consistent “hold together.” They keep going. They show up on time and always perform as promised. 

I believe one of the reasons consistency is such a common trait among the world’s most successful people is because it reflects one of the most core attributes of God.

God is, by His nature, the very definition of consistency. 

When He spoke His purpose to Abraham, when He first invited humans into His grand remaking of creation, God was not telling us about a weekend project He wanted to take on. 

He was inviting us to take part in His consistent nature.

God’s purpose and character are unchanging. The reason that matters for us is because it lays a foundation stronger than bedrock for us to stand on. 

We, as humans, change often and a lot. We are, by our very nature, inconsistent. The fact that God would choose us to be His image-bearers is in itself a violent paradox. 

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

God’s consistency invites us to be consistent as well. To take hold of our purpose and to never let go. To not be swayed or distracted. To put on blinders and march, step by step, towards the destination God has placed upon our hearts.

The decision is yours. And the God who called you out isn’t going anywhere. 

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