The New Testament On Purpose

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Farming is a long and tedious process. A large field of land requires numerous hands to work it and each of those workers is in charge of a unique task. 

Some use machines to till the soil. Others are experts at laying seeds. There are a few who must water and fertilize. Down the line, some will need to weed or prune the plants. And on and on it goes until finally, after dozens of workers have touched the plant with their specialty, is someone able to harvest.

Like the example above, we are all working together for God’s grand purpose. Our purposes build upon one another. 

I am a teacher of God’s Word, but in the grand scheme of things, I am only a small part of the larger process. 

Before you came to this devotional on purpose, there were likely dozens of messages and encounters before me which helped you reach a place where you could recognize that your life truly did have a unique calling. 

I am here to serve my part, and afterward, you will move on and another part of God’s family will serve theirs.

Remember this as you try to figure out where you fit into God’s grand scheme of things. Our calling will require other believers. 

As we step closer to our purpose, we will need the body, the church, more and more. God designed it that way for our good.