The New Testament On Purpose

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


With this reading plan, we will illuminate 5 of the most revealing Scriptures about purpose found in the New Testament. Today, our learning begins in the book of Acts. 

Acts 5 drops us right in the middle of a heated conflict between the apostles and the Sanhedrin (a particular group of Pharisees). At this time, the apostles were experiencing great success in their mission and suffering greatly for it. They kept pushing, despite their difficulties, because God was leading them forward. 

One of the Sanhedrin leaders saw their success and, before the apostles could be kicked out of the city, stood before his Pharisee peers to plead their case.

He said (in essence), Look, we keep fighting against this message, but maybe they are correct. If we were just fighting against men, we would have already won. But if we are fighting against God, we will never win!

This man’s incredible insight leaves us with a powerful truth we must internalize if we are ever going to accomplish the full extent of what God desires: God is responsible for fulfilling the purpose He has for our lives. 

Do you see how freeing this is? 

If we were responsible for finding our purpose and then making it happen, we would fail. But God didn’t design it that way. 

He promised us that since He is the one who sent us, He would be the one to make sure we are successful.

When you surrender yourself to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life, you can have all the confidence in the universe that you will succeed, because it’s the One who holds the universe that will make it happen.