The Throne of God—Prophetic Gallery Series

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Heaven is filled  

Thoughts on the Passage

It is just before the last seal is broken—and heaven is filled with God’s people from every nation, tribe, people, and language. This is what Jesus planned. This is the moment that He waited for. Heaven is now filled with the voices of people and all of heaven now joins in with their song. 

The question is often asked—Who are these people? The angel is asking John, but John really does not know. In describing this multitude, we see several things:

· They are the redeemed of God. (They are washed in the blood of the Lamb—they are forgiven.)

· They will NEVER leave His Presence.

· They will have Jesus as their Shepherd.

· They will no longer face the difficulties that this world gave them.

· Jesus will lead them to living water.

· God Himself will wipe away every tear.

This is the Church and the redeemed of all mankind. This is you and me. This is the seven churches that have suffered through so much. This is the church through the centuries that has faithfully kept Your word. This is those yet to come who will join with all of us around the throne.

One of the special things is how Jesus Himself is promising to Shepherd us for eternity. He will care for us through the ages to come. God will also wipe away our tears. He is humbling Himself coming off His throne to wipe our eyes from the grieving we face. That is the God we serve. He is holy and just—the world has just faced His holy anger. He is gentle and humble—we, the redeemed, with see this.


Father, I cannot imagine the terror that will come to those who face Your holy wrath and anger. I cannot imagine the God of heaven humbling Himself to wipe the tears from my eyes and gently taking care of me for eternity. This is the moment of history that You have waited for. It is a special moment for everyone of us as well. Heaven will be filled with the shouts and praises of the multitudes of people. Heaven will now hear the redeemed release blessing and honor from the lips of those who are forgiven by the blood of Jesus. Let the heavens resound!! In Jesus' name. Amen.