The Throne of God—Prophetic Gallery Series

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The Throne of God  

Thoughts on the Passage

God bought John up in a vision into the Throne room of God. This is John’s second experience of hearing a voice and being “in the Spirit”. In Revelation chapter 1 John describes being in the Spirit—and hearing a voice behind him. This resulted in his vision of Jesus and the messages that Jesus had to the churches. Here, John hears a voice and it brings him into the presence of God Himself through the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God brings revelation of Jesus and the Spirit of God brings revelation of the Father. In both cases it brings understanding of things not available to the human mind. That is the essence of revelation—the Spirit of God opens our minds and understanding to things beyond the human capacity to understand.

The setting of the throne room of God shows several things:

· The throne of God is in the center.

· There is incredible beauty associated with His throne.

· There are 24 thrones surrounding the throne of God—there are 24 elders on them.

· There are powerful sounds and sights—thunder, lighting, etc.

· There are the seven Spirits of God.

There are powerful symbolic pictures here.

· Twenty-four. To the Jewish person this number represents the priesthood and spiritual authority. The priests were divided up into twenty-four different groups (1 Chronicles 24) and they handled all the spiritual responsibilities.

· Thunder and lightning. The presence of God is not a quiet place. It is a place where authority is wielded and power is released.

· Seven Spirits of God. The number seven represents completeness—the complete presence or fulness of the Spirit is present.

John comes into the throne room of God. This is the place of authority in the spiritual realm. The authority expressed is tangible (there is thunder and lightning); it covers all aspects of intercession between God and man, and it has the fullness of the Spirit present. In other words, everything important is happening right here.


Father, when we come into Your presence, we forget that we come into the throne room where everything important happens. We do not just come into Your presence as our Father. We come into Your presence and everything happens here. Spiritual intercession happens here; spiritual direction and decisions happen here, and these spiritual decisions are released in power. This morning as I come into Your presence, and I ask that You give me this understanding afresh. I come to You for help—and this is the kind of help I can expect. Help me not to be blind to the power of this time in Your presence today. Give me a boldness to have faith that this time in Your presence will change my world today. In Jesus' name. Amen.