The Throne of God—Prophetic Gallery Series

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The New Song of Heaven  

Thoughts on the Passage

When Jesus takes the scroll (when the slain Lamb takes the scroll)—Heaven erupts in a new song.

Now heaven can be filled with the people of God. The blood of Jesus has opened the door for people from every nation, tribe language, and people to come. Even more, we have two additional blessings—authority to rule this world has been re-instated, and we are a kingdom and priests to God. This means we become His kingdom on this earth and we function as priests—ones who stand between God and those that need to come and receive forgiveness from God. That is an amazing blessing and task given to us. Fulfill this responsibility with a thankful heart, a diligent heart, and a compassionate heart.

Also, we see this new song released from the throne, and it ripples and grows as it travels outward from there to creation. First, through the four creatures and the 24 elders, then to the myriad of angels and finally through all creation. This is the news that creation is waiting for, and the day has arrived. It starts in heaven and flows throughout creation.

Finally, the words and worship again speak of our God and Jesus. They are words full of blessing, full of love and adoration and words full of declaration. Where do you find yourself here? You are there. It can be near the beginning or it will be at the end when all creation declares it. It is much better to be at the beginning than the end.

It is a great passage to memorize. It is a song we will sing through eternity. Learn the words to the song!


Father, that day that Jesus took that scroll changed my life and the life of mankind forever. We now have a hope, a future, a destiny, and an inheritance. We are now a kingdom and priests to You here in this world. We now speak with Your voice and Your heart. What more could we possibly ask for? I love that this flows from Your heart outward through creation. I love that it never started with us but instead from You. That is the best part. We could never figure out something this beautiful for mankind and all of creation! Now, we see it—and it is time to sing a new song of praise. Today, let me rejoice. In Jesus' name. Amen.