The Throne of God—Prophetic Gallery Series

Day 2 of 8 • This day’s reading


Worship ripples out from the Throne  

Thoughts on the Passage

Worship starts at God.

That may seem obvious, but it needs to be said. Sometimes, we think worship starts with us and turning our hearts and minds to God. No, true worship starts with God and flows out from His heart to us—and then through us to our world. Here, the worship starts with the 4 living creatures. Something about the heart of God inspires waves of worship to begin from them. It flows out of them into the twenty-four elders who cast their crowns before God, fall down and worship Him. There this wave of worship hits the angels (later in the chapter) and from there to all creation. Then another wave starts, and it flows out again.

These four living creatures are very unique. They have eyes everywhere—representing insight into the heart of God. They are different looking creatures—a lion, an ox, a man, and an eagle. Each creature is able to express the heart of God in a special and unique way to us as they discern and understand God and His heart. As it is revealed—they erupt in praise and worship.

This is why it is important to get into His presence. The closer we can get to Him and His heart, the closer we will get to the heart of worship. The closer we will come to seeing what starts the wave and be part of that. What does it take to get there? It takes a willingness to get close to a holy God. Sin pulls us away from God—drives us further and further away. Fear will also keep us from drawing near. Fear of exposure, fear of the power of God, and fear of the unknown—what God will say or ask of us. 

In the end we must see God as our loving Father. Holy?—yes. Powerful beyond description?—Yes. Full of glory and majesty?—Yes as well. Still, He is our Father, who calls us to come into His presence. When we get there, it is a wonderful time—and worship is released.


Father, today I choose to come into Your presence. I see that every good thing starts there. Worship will start there as well. I do not just want to let waves of worship touch me as they flow from others and through others. I want to have my time with You to release a heart of worship to You from within me. I want it to touch my soul, my spirit and even my body. Let it flow through every fiber of my being—and then let it touch my world today. In Jesus' name. Amen.