The Throne of God—Prophetic Gallery Series

Day 6 of 8 • This day’s reading


The Fifth and Sixth Seal  

Thoughts on the Passage

The fifth seal shows a graphic and difficult picture for the churches receiving this letter. God’s people face death as they choose to follow Jesus and be His witnesses in this difficult world. The four seals that Jesus opened—the people blame God, and they take it out on God’s people. God’s people face the anger of a world that refuses to turn to God in the midst of difficult situations. They are killed—martyred. We also see God’s people crying out to God for justice. To die because people reject God and kill His people—yes there is a legitimate cry to God for justice. God promises them justice—but not yet. 

That is the message of salvation. Justice is coming—but not yet.

The sixth seal reveals something different. Now we see God’s anger against sin, and the people who align themselves with sin. It is now time for God’s justice. Suddenly, this world will realize that everything they faced until this point is nothing compared to what God will now unleash. He will unleash justice, and they are totally frightened. Money, power, position and rank, nationality, and any other distinction is now meaningless. All will now face the God whom they have rejected. Suddenly, it is not God’s people who they must deal with, it is God Himself.

That day is coming soon.


Father, I know I cry out for justice in this world. It is not an easy place to live with integrity and humility. This world does not follow the same standards that Your word requires—and they get angry when we expose that. There are times that they will kill in order to silence that. There are times they will kill because of it. It is hard to face persecution, shameful treatment, economic oppression, or society’s rejection because we follow You and Your laws. Still, Your promise it that justice is coming—just not yet. Heaven is not yet full. Many others still need to hear and see the good news that You release. So like those who cry out, Your word is just be patient. So help me today not to focus on the difficult things. Help me focus on You. In Jesus' name. Amen.