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When Jesus Touches You  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus touched John. Jesus knew that this revelation was more than John could handle – it was that powerful. A revelation of Jesus shakes us to our core. It overwhelmed John and it will do the same for us. 

Jesus touched John. It reassured John that Jesus was present to release blessing and understanding, not to release judgment.

Jesus touched John. Jesus gives further insight to John – more revelation that could not be seen but is important. Jesus showed John the meaning of some of the things John saw and gives understanding beyond what is seen. 

This can happen with a revelation from God. The interpretation can be much greater than what the vision would indicate. Here, Jesus reveals that the vision John sees is not just about Himself, but a vision of the churches, a vision for the churches, and a vision that will empower His Church through the centuries.

Time to Prayer

Father, yesterday, I desired to see Jesus. I still have that passion. I know it will be greater than I can comprehend. I know I cannot fully understand what I will see. I still want that vision of Jesus and how He will change my world. Father, I know that You must reveal more than I can see – just like John received more than his eyes could see. It took Jesus to explain it to him. Jesus, I ask that You give me a full understanding of what I see and what I read. This powerful book has more than I can see – so open my eyes to see it. Open my ears to hear You speak. Open my heart to receive it. In Jesus Name, Amen.