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A Vision of Jesus  

Thoughts on the Passage

This book is called “A Revelation of Jesus”. This passage is one of the reasons why it is called this. John receives a vison of Jesus that is absolutely spectacular. This vision contains things that we expect to see – to see Jesus in His glory and majesty. It also contains thinks that we might not expect – the stars in His hands, the sword coming out of His mouth, etc. Some of these (maybe all of them) are symbolic of the ministry, the power, the authority and Lordship of Jesus. This picture comes back in various ways through the rest of the book of Revelation. We will see it in the messages to the churches, but it comes back at other times as well. So, let’s take a few minutes and look at this vision.

First, Jesus is at work.  He is standing in the middle of the lampstands. These lampstands represent the churches (see chapter 2 and 3) and Jesus is in the midst of them. If we look back at Psalm 23 we see another time when God is in the midst of His people – “when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, You are with me”. Jesus is in their midst when they face their biggest challenges.

Second, we see His power and authority. His voice thunders, His feet are like polished bronze (the alter of sacrifice in the temple was of bronze – a place where God judged sin), and a double-edged sword from His mouth. All of these describe His power to judge and deal with sin.

Third, His clothing is like the clothing of a priest. He is ministering as a priest to His people. This is a powerful picture of Jesus interceding on behalf of His people and to His people. He is there working for us.

To John, to the churches of Asia, to the church universal and to the world, this picture is powerful. Jesus has the power and authority of God – and yet He is ministering and working on behalf of His people. He walks among us and with us; He does everything from a position of power and yet mercy. He is still doing this for us today.

Time to Prayer

Father, I want a vision of Jesus. John was not expecting this vision, but it came and touched John in dramatic ways. His perspective of life changed. His understanding of his responsibilities changed. His determination to finish His life well changed. Yes, the vision of Jesus changed everything. Lord, in a sense that is what I want as well. I need to see life from heaven’s perspective much more clearly. I need to see it so that my perspective on this earth comes into alignment with heaven’s perspective. I need a vision of Jesus. I need it more today than ever before. I have wanted the vision before because I love Jesus. I want it today so that I have Jesus’ heart. So Father, I ask for a new vision of Jesus. In Jesus Name, Amen.