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A Seven-Fold Blessing  

Thoughts on the Passage

There are seven blessings described in the book of Revelation. That is important for two reasons. 

First, the number seven means completion – it is a seven-fold or a complete blessing being released by God to the Church. When you read this book, expect to receive a full fold blessing. This is what God wants to do with this letter – do not be afraid to ask God to have this book bless you with a full and complete blessing.

Second, here is the list of the seven blessings:

· Blessing on those who read, those who hear and those who keep the words of this prophecy (Rev. 1:3).

· Blessed are those who die in the Lord as they face the trouble of the antichrist (Rev. 14:13)

· Blessed are those who watch and wait – keeping their garments clean from sin (Rev. 16:15).

· Blessed are everyone invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19:9).

· Blessed and holy are the ones who take part in the first resurrection (Rev. 20:6).

· Blessed are those who keep the words of this revelation (Rev. 22:7).

· Blessed are those who keep God’s commandments – they can eat of the tree of life (Rev. 22:14).

The revelation releases some powerful blessings to us. The word for blessing means “highly favored” or “someone who receives special recognition”. God will honor these people with special recognition because they are obedient or faithful in the midst of great challenges. 

Do you want this blessing? Will we pay the price so that this special honor is given to us?

Time to Prayer

Father, You give us an understanding of what the special blessings are that come to those who listen, read and are obedient to the words found in this revelation. I want that blessing. I know it requires a lot of challenge and effort to be worthy of this blessing. I cannot do it in my own strength. There is much that is way beyond what I can handle in my own strength and wisdom. So, fill me with Your Spirit to walk in Your strength and Your wisdom. Keep me faithful right to the end. In Jesus Name, Amen.