A Book For You - Prophetic Gallery Series

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A Revelation of Jesus  

Thoughts on the Passage

The book of Revelation is special. Too often we look at it with a view to the future rather than a view to the past and our present. Jesus never intended it to be just a vision of the future. He intended it to be a blessing to us today in the middle of the struggles that we face. That was His intention for His church in the first century as well. This book could release blessing to everyone who heard what it said and who walked in obedience. The revelation of Jesus released strength in the midst of difficulty, hope in the midst of adversity, and peace in the midst of troubled times. In summary, it is a book for God’s people today.

These devotionals will focus on how the early church read and understood this book and word from their Messiah and Saviour. Today, that understanding will help us as well. It will lay the foundation for understanding how it helped the people through the centuries and to us today as we await the coming of Jesus. To ignore how the early Church read and understood this book is to ignore a key component of Jesus'  message to the Church today. He wants the Church today to build our understanding on this foundation—not ignore it. 

So, join me. Let us read (and listen) to the words of this book. Let us allow the Spirit of God to release understanding. Let us choose to walk in obedience to the things He reveals. There is a great blessing awaiting us—let’s receive all the blessing He has for us today.

Time to Prayer

Father, too often I just read this part of Your Word with little understanding. As a result, there was little attempt on my part to let the book of Revelation teach me about Jesus, His love for me, and His message for me. As I walk through this book again, I ask for greater insight. I ask for an understanding that enables the truths here to touch me in my day to day life. I ask for a heart to meditate on these truths so that I can receive the blessings that You have for me. You promise great blessing and You always keep Your promises. So, I come with great expectations as I walk through this book. In Jesus' Name, Amen.