A Book For You - Prophetic Gallery Series

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Dear Son/Daughter, Love Abba  

Thoughts on the Passage

This is the greeting at the beginning of the letter.

The letters in the Bible usually begin with a note from the person who wrote it. Today we see the greeting from the real author – God Himself [Tomorrow we will read John’s portion.]. God reveals not just His name here, but the purpose for His letter to them.

First, God reveals “Who” He is. He uses the Trinity in this passage. God, the ever-living one. He was, He is and He is to come. He is the Alpha and Omega (these were the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet). God who is from the beginning and will be the same throughout all time – the All-Powerful God.  Jesus, the one who made us free from our sins by His blood and made us His chosen people to God. Jesus who took broken humanity and made them kings and priests. The Holy Spirit – the seven Spirits of God. This is not just a number – number seven means complete or whole. The Holy Spirit in all His fulness is present and greeting the people of this letter.

Second, it is a revelation of how God perceives us. We are kings and priests. Never forget how God sees each and every one of us. The world does not see us this way. We often do not see ourselves this way! God does.

Third, Jesus is coming back. This letter reminds everyone about a key message of this letter – Jesus is coming back. It will be different than the first time. When Jesus comes, everyone will see Him and they will be very ashamed. Jesus is coming back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yes, the world will wish they had taken time to prepare.

Time to Prayer

Father, even in Your welcome to the Church in this letter, You show us how much You love us. You welcome us in Your fulness. You welcome us with a promise of Your power and authority. You welcome us with pictures that bring encouragement and hope. The pictures keep getting better from this time forward too. Today, I focus on the picture of an Almighty God – one who never changes. I focus on Jesus, my Saviour and coming King. And I focus on the Holy Spirit, joining in with all His fulness. What greatness is welcoming us! What majesty takes times to encourage us. What power and authority takes time to give each of us a warm greeting. Thank you so much. We forget how much we mean to You. Forgive us. Encourage us today afresh with this greeting. In Jesus Name, Amen.