The Book Of Mysteries: The Mission Of The Christian

Day 3 of 3 • This day’s reading


DAY 3: The Nazarene Mystery  

“The prophets speak of Messiah as the Branch,” said the teacher. “He would appear on earth in littleness, growing up as a shoot. His presence on earth would then grow greater, bearing its fruit to the world. In Hebrew, one of the words for branch is netzer. If you add an ending, the word netzer becomes netzeret. And Netzeret is the real name of the place you know as Nazareth.”

“So Nazarene speaks of Messiah the Branch,” I said.

“And Nazareth would mean the place of the branching forth.”

“The perfect name,” I said, “for the place where Messiah would branch forth.”

“It was considered a nothing place.”

“Then why did God choose it?” I asked.

“God loves to choose the unlikely. It’s not about Nazareth—it’s about that which comes through Nazareth. In the same way, it’s not about who we are. Nor does it matter how likely or unlikely, how imperfect or sinful our life has been…only that we receive. For whoever receives Him, through that life, the life of God will come. And from that life He will branch out to the world. For we are each called…to be His Nazareth.”

The Mission: Let Messiah’s life come through your life. Let His love come through your love and your life become His branching—His Nazareth.