The Book Of Mysteries: The Mission Of The Christian

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DAY 1: The Mystery of the Zeroah  

“One of the most mysterious objects on the Passover table is called the Zeroah,” said the teacher. “According to the Hebrew Scriptures, it was by the Zeroah that everything you see came into existence. When God brought the Hebrews out of Egypt, He did so by the Zeroah. And concerning salvation, the Lord will make known His Zeroah and the earth will see the salvation of God.”

“But what is the Zeroah?” I asked.

“The Zeroah is the One who dies for our sins.”

“But you said that the Zeroah was an object on the Passover table,” I said.

“The Zeroah of Passover is the bone of a lamb. So the Zeroah has to do with the death of a lamb which would be the death of Messiah.”

“But what was the Zeroah before that,” I asked, “if it was there at the creation?”

“The Zeroah is the power of God,” he said, “the arm of the Almighty.”

“The arm of the Almighty,” I said, “weak, broken, and dying on a cross…”

“Yes,” said the teacher, “the love of God. The love of God is the arm of the Almighty. And there is no greater power in this world.”

The Mission: Today, take part in the power of the Zeroah. Let go to apprehend, surrender to overcome, and die to yourself that you might find life.