The Book Of Mysteries: The Mission Of The Christian

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading


DAY 2: The Mystery of the Secret Angels  

“There are many different kinds of angels,” said the teacher. “Cherubim, seraphim, warring angels, ministering angels. And then there are earth angels. Those who walk the earth in flesh and blood.”

“I thought an angel was a being not of flesh and blood.”

“The Scriptures say differently. Haggai and John the Baptizer were both of flesh and blood, and yet they are both called angels—angels of God. An angel is a being sent by God, a messenger, an emissary on a divine assignment, bringing God’s message.”

“So who are the earth angels?”

“Those who are born again,” he said, “born from heaven, His messengers, those who bear the message of God to those who dwell on earth.”

“And the message?”

“The good news. In Greek it is called the euangel, in English, the evangel, as in evangelism. For if you will bear the message of heaven to those of earth, your life becomes angelic. So take up your angelic assignment and bring the divine message to those of earth. For you are His earth angel.”

The Mission: Today, start fulfilling your angelic mission. Bear the heavenly message to those on earth. Live this day as His earth angel.