Crowned With David: 7 Days Of Success

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading


David continued to be faithful where he was at, shepherding his father’s flocks while his brothers went off to war against the Philistines. Little did David know, he would have a central role to play in the conflict.

Among the Philistines was a giant warrior named Goliath. He was fierce, intimidating, and above all an offensive creature. For forty days he mocked Israel and challenged their warriors to single combat. No one dared challenge him.

One day, Jesse sent David to deliver food to his brothers. On his way, David heard Goliath’s rant against Israel. In that moment, the young man decided he would be the one to fight him.

Others discouraged David from taking on Goliath. First, his father Jesse kept him from the battles, making sheep his son’s priority. Next, David’s older brother Eliab yelled at him because he thought David had come to watch the battle and ignore his duties. Finally, Saul himself tried to deter David from fighting such an experienced warrior.

Again and again, people treated David according to the way he looked. He was young, untrained and inexperienced. Even more so, he was a fraction of Goliath’s size. But none of that mattered because God was building something inside of him, something greater than his brothers, than Saul, and even greater than Goliath.

As servants of God, we are not bound by the limits others place on us. People will always try to keep you from doing what they themselves are scared to do. Most of the time, their intentions are good and they only want the best life for you. 

Yet over and over again the Scriptures show us that our best life is the one God has already planned. He will take us into frightening and dangerous places, not to harm us, but to mold us into the heroes He needs us to be. 

So David prepared for battle, trusting that God would fight for him.

Takeaway: The life God has for us might contradict what our loved ones believe is best.

Prayer: God, I want to live the life You have planned for me. Help me not to be controlled by fear, but to trust in Your words above anyone else’s.