Crowned With David: 7 Days Of Success

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Saul was on a dangerous downward spiral. In the text we have seen his character jump back and forth again and again when it comes to his feelings towards David. For a time, he loved the young man and brought him into his service. Now, Saul has struggled with the desire to kill David even though David has been nothing but good to him.

Saul’s son, Jonathan, tries to intervene in this chapter. The two young men have become great friends. This bond was undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for David amidst all of the trials he has been through.

Jonathan was able to talk Saul out of killing David, at least for now. Everything seems calm until another war with the Philistines erupts. David rises to the challenge and gains victory, unintentionally stirring Saul’s jealousy and anger once again.

When David returns to Saul, Saul attacks. He pulls out a spear and lunges it at David’s body. Thankfully, David dodges the attack and flees the crazed king.

The people God chooses to place in our lives matter. God knew what he was doing by keeping Saul as king for a time and by having Saul’s son, Jonathan, become friends with the future king. 

People are one of the tools God uses to fulfill his promises upon the Earth. He used Noah to restart his creation. He used Abraham to grow his chosen nation. And he used Jesus to seal salvation. God’s stories always include people.

The same is true for your story. You may not be the chosen heir to a kingdom, but your story is no less important. When preparing Israel’s new king, God did not just launch David into the spotlight. He used Samuel, Jonathan, Saul and many others to prepare the young man for his future. 

Pay attention to the individuals God has placed in your life. They are there for a purpose. Even the ones who frustrate you. Each human is a color God is using to paint His masterpiece. We need others in order to live our best story, and they need you. 

Takeaway: God does not work in a vacuum, He uses other people for our story.

Prayer: Father, thank You that You know why You created me. Please help me trust You with the relationships I have and help me to treasure them like I should.

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