Crowned With David: 7 Days Of Success

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Once again the Bible shows how the stories of David and Saul are linked. Saul is in decline. The Lord has sent an evil spirit to torture him, but Saul’s attendants have an idea. 

They want to bring someone who can play the lyre (a cross between a harp and a guitar) to help sooth Saul. The king agrees, and guess who is summoned to his court: David. 

The move works. Saul finds peace whenever David plays and chooses to make him one of his armor-bearers, a prestigious role for someone so young and especially for an unknown shepherd boy. 

Seemingly overnight, the boy who went unnoticed now held the attention of the king. How could this happen?

God plays by His own set of rules. When He decides to promote someone, He doesn’t need to follow the logical order. He places people where He desires and nothing on Earth can stop Him.

So much of what we will see in David’s story doesn’t make sense because it isn’t supposed to. A God-driven life is supposed to be strange. It’s supposed to break rules and upend the normal order.

God told David that he would one day be king. David could have resigned to follow the normal path to get there. Perhaps he would have joined the army and proved he was a skilled warrior until they eventually promoted him. Decades would have went by and eventually, he would have had enough support to make a claim to the throne. Hopefully by then, the king would have become unpopular or weak so that he could make his move.

But God circumvented all of that. He took the shepherd-boy and placed him directly in the king’s court. As we will see, he continued to show David favor and fast-tracked his story.

When God calls us to something we have two choices. We can either look for a way to make it happen in the natural or we can go towards the calling with complete abandon, knowing that if God promised it – He will be the One to make it happen. 

Takeaway: God always delivers on His promises.

Prayer: Father, help me not to choose the safe path. Instead, push me to truly step in faith towards what You have put on my heart. I will trust You and I believe that You will do the rest.