Crowned With David: 7 Days Of Success

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


The story of David begins in the shadow of Saul. Saul was the chosen king and he was everything the people hoped he would be…for a time. He was strong, attractive, and had the natural ability to lead. However, it was his gifts, in part, which led to his downfall.

Saul became obsessed with himself. He drifted from God and relied more and more upon his own strengths and abilities. Before long, Saul was no more than a tortured and angry soul. God turned his face away and told Samuel, the prophet of Israel, that it was time to choose another king.

Samuel feared for his life – anointing another king was tantamount to treason. Yet he obeyed and made his way to the city of Bethlehem. There, God brought before him a man named Jesse and his eight sons. One by one, Samuel observed each of them to see if they were who God had chosen to succeed Saul. 

Samuel was looking for another strong leader. A man who could rouse the people to overcome Saul and follow God once again. But God was looking for something different, something less obvious. 

Eventually, Jesse called for his youngest son. A small boy named David. As soon as Samuel saw David, he heard God speak, this is the one. 

What do God’s heroes look like? When we go to the movies or read stories, the heroes are always the ones who can do more. They have a special ability or a special story. Whether it’s immense brainpower, super speed, or strong magic - each time we recognize who the hero is because of what they can do. But God’s heroes are never those people. 

He never chooses the ones everyone else would choose. He looks for the disadvantaged, the small, the scared, the unlearned and he transforms them into testimonies for His glory!

Apart from God, David was never going to be more than a shepherd. He was never going to slay giants or conquer armies until God pointed at him and said, you are my chosen.

God has done the same to you. 

No matter the story you were born into or what struggles you have had, as soon as you let God take control of your life you become one of His chosen heroes. You become His anointed and He will take your life in a direction you could have never imagined. 

Takeaway: God chooses the unlikely to do great things.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You do not see as other people see. Please do something great with my life for Your glory.