Nothing Else Matters


I Will Follow You

When you choose to follow Jesus, it is you simply saying yes to His will and to His direction, nothing more or nothing less. 

When I wrote the song ‘Follow You’ I was at a place where, I wanted my life to be a reflection of God’s heart for my life. 

However, this proclamation came at a cost, I needed to let go of everything that was holding me back from fully clinging to God, no matter how good some things seemed. Whether they were habits, people or opinions, I needed to let go and fully embrace God’s way of living, His opinion of me and the right people to fit my new lifestyle. Nothing else mattered to me but the future He had in store for me. 

Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure that shapes and forms you from the inside out. It will come at a cost, it will take you denying yourself and embracing Gods way. However, it will also reveal your purpose and cause you to live with intentionality and heaven in mind. As you daily say yes to the Lord, you will also stir the hearts around you to follow Jesus too. 

You won’t always get it right, however it’s not perfection that God is after it’s progression. 

So today and each day you live, will you choose to follow Jesus?