Nothing Else Matters

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Be Still  

At times we can be in such a rush when it comes to connecting with God, moving quickly on to the next thing on the list or the agenda for our day. Sometimes we can be so quick to speak with God but not ready to wait for a response and to simply listen. 

We must get into the habit of being still before God, no time constraints just still. We must learn the art of not saying a word and simply acknowledging that He is God.

He is the God who loves us, the God who is all-knowing, all-wise and in total control. He is the God who is fighting our battles, the God who is gracious, merciful and faithful even when we are not. He knows us deeply. He is our Father. Each day that we are given the chance to take another breath, it is this God whom we must recognise and receive in the moment of stillness. 

What a difference it would make if we just reminded our hearts of the reality of who God is and His heart towards us.